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Rock Against Trafficking, Album Mixing, New Website

Mixing and mastering has finally begun 🎚⚡️ I can’t thank everyone enough for their patience, it’s been a long journey since the EP so I owe you guys some epic surprises. Rest assured many are on the way; I am thrilled with how this new music is turning out!

Album awesomeness aside, I am honestly much more proud to formally announce that I am now part of the Rock Against Trafficking family. Human/child trafficking happens to be an issue that resonates with me on a deeply personal level, so the opportunity to raise awareness and save lives through music means more to me than I can put into words. For several months now my partners and I at PennyFly Entertainment have been providing all available resources to their cause in the upcoming promotion of their debut album “Set Them Free” featuring Slash, Fergie, Journey, Santana, and Rob Thomas among others 🤘🏼 The energy around this project is incredible so I can’t wait to share more with everyone!

On a final note, I must soon say goodbye to the very website you are currently viewing - there’s a lot in the works with a whole new reimagined site to accompany the album release. Progress every day…closer and closer. Cheers all :)

PennyFly Entertainment, D'Angelico Endorsement

Crazy excited to share some awesome news with everyone! In lieu of various offers from different labels I have been hard at work bringing “PennyFly Entertainment” to life with the help of some incredible industry partners. The core of our vision is to provide artists with the top-flight production & marketing services of a major label minus the "sign your life away" deals. The success many independent artists are demonstrating sans-label (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Chance the Rapper, etc.), continues to inspire me - I among many others truly believe artist-driven models are the future of the industry. All that aside, I couldn’t be more excited to finish this album for all of you who continue to find joy in the music 🙏🎶

I am additionally honored to be an official artist of legendary guitar manufacturers D’Angelico Guitars! Absolutely loving the new Madison Excel acoustic, thank you D’Angelico 🙌🏼 #MusicIsTheOnlyMedicine

New Live Residencies

Super stoked to announce my solo-acoustic weekend residencies at two of the finest establishments in Los Angeles! Fridays from 7-9pm you can find me jamming @ the classy LAX Renaissance on airport blvd, behind their gorgeous Yamaha baby grand piano :) Every Saturday I’ll continue to perform from 8-10pm at the Manhattan Beach Marriott with breathtaking views just behind me...join us for some amazing food, drinks, and personalized dedications as we spread some musical love around!

As the big focus is recording right now, I’ll be taking a break from full-band performances as we adapt the style of the band to accommodate the way the music has “evolved” and will continue to until the album is finished. The band will be out in full force after release :) I can't thank all of you enough for your unwavering support throughout this whole crazy journey. Cheers! #MusicIsTheOnlyMedicine

Recording Begins!

As some of you may have guessed thanks to my recent limited-time release of demo recordings - I’m BEYOND thrilled to finally be back in the studio working on my first full-length album! More importantly, I’m making this music alongside one of the best producers anyone could ever hope to work with, PJ Bianco:

Ever since I relocated to Los Angeles over 2 years ago, I embarked on what became a surprisingly exhausting search for the right producer. With the limited recording opportunities I’ve had as an independent artist, it has been a huge challenge trying to achieve the artistic sound that I feel truly expresses the music I want to create. Not only does PJ have extensive experience creating billboard charting rock, he’s also done the same in the pop/hiphop world. For this vision to work, I needed someone who could fuse these genre-defining elements together in a way that made sense with my style as an artist. Somehow, it only took us our first day in the studio to successfully achieve this vision and now we’re having an amazing time bringing this project to life!

PS: Sorry all for the delay in updates, my web developer and I were working on streamlining parts of the site and had a few technical difficulties to work through ;)

Shutter16 Interview, Demo Release

Fred from Shutter16 Magazine recently called from Brooklyn to ask me a few questions for an interview, it was a great talk and the writeup is even better! From learning piano to writing string arrangements, the interview touches on a variety of subjects including the lyrical message behind Hot Air Balloon. Check it out by clicking here or on the image below:

If you are subscribed to my VIP email list or follow closely on social media, you received a limited-time opportunity to download a collection of demo recordings for several unreleased songs! I couldn’t be more thankful for those of you who continue to support the music - you truly are the reason I’m able to continue doing what I love to do :) If you didn’t get a chance to get your hands on these, no worries ~ these songs will all be professionally produced & recorded for the upcoming album!

Headlining in Hollywood, LA Talk Radio

I'm proud to announce the band and I will be headlining Hollywood's "Piano Bar" two nights next month in October (10/13, 10/27). Both shows have us starting @ 11pm and playing two sets this time, which means double the music!! Head over to the Facebook Events page for more details and a full schedule for October - can't wait to see you there!

I recently did a live on-air interview with LA Talk Radio in between sets earlier this month @ the Lighthouse Cafe, where I discussed the latest with my career and what's coming up around the corner! I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Norwood, who is an extremely talented artist himself. You can listen to the full interview by clicking here - my bit starts around the 28 minute mark of the show :)

"The world-famous Lighthouse Cafe"

Last night I played the long-renowned "Lighthouse Cafe” on the Hermosa Beach pier with the band, what an awesome live music spot!! This legendary place has been around since the 1940s hosting jazz legends from Miles Davis to Don Ellis. Today, it caters to all styles of music and is a popular tourist spot - we’ll be playing here again on Labor Day (Sept 7th) from 3-7pm, then Saturday, October 24th 9pm-1am ~ be there :)

...Annnnd the fun doesn’t end there folks, if you’re ever in/around the Sunset Beach area, we’re also playing the Pelican Isle on the regular! This place has truly amazing food, drinks, and a gorgeous patio view over the bay. Click “shows” at the top for a full schedule!

Debut show @ Hollywood's "The Piano Bar"

I was beyond stoked to perform Hollywood's Piano Bar with an array of fantastic musicians, namely Vito Gutilla on violin and Jody Stark on cello. It is truly thrilling to perform with live string players of such great caliber, giving such depth and emotion to the music! Some great fans did their best to capture video, but unfortunately the low lighting of the bar was a bit much for phone cameras as well as the audio coming out a bit distorted - Piano Bar's sound system packs an impressive punch :) I'll see what I can arrange concerning professional video/audio recording for future shows here, but until then I guess you'll just have to come see it in person...cheers!

"LA's Top Soloist" award, Website Updates

Jett Prescott Music has just been awarded the annual "Best Of" for the solo musician category by worldwide-leading wedding organizations TheKnot & WeddingChannel (XO Group) for the Los Angeles region - book a private performance here!

In other news, we're proud to present some much-needed website improvements in light of the new year: most notably, there is now a dedicated music page, which is entirely Soundcloud driven for maximum interactivity (you can leave comments at any point in the song, easily share, follow, etc). Additionally, the store has seen a bit of an overhaul as well. Products are more organized, and all store options for the music are listed - you can now buy directly from for best prices! In other news, As we launch in to the new year, all focus will be put into recording arrangements towards the first full-length album release... Stay tuned ;)

"Put Me Down in Wine" hits #1 on TRS247 Radio

Thanks to some truly amazing fan support, "Put Me Down in Wine" just hit #1 on TRS247 Radio's "Top10 Indie Countdown" - as a result, the song will receive increased airplay throughout their multi-station network of radio partners, and a full "drop the mic" feature was just published in SpotOn Magazine here! You can listen to my live interview with Cris & Alysia from TRS247 here on SoundCloud ~ and you can listen to the "Top10 Indie Countdown" archive here. Additionally, "Hot Air Balloon" and "Put Me Down in Wine" are now in rotation on the Darryn Yates Show (1380 TheX) and Revolver Underground. Last but not least, "Wine" was also just selected for rotation in GagOrderNetwork's Top40!

→ VEVO Music Video for ~ Put Me Down in Wine ~**Courtesy A-Mazing productions**

"Melody" Live Debut + SiriusXM & UK Airplay

Last Sunday, Jett debuted his future headlining single "Melody" to a sold-out audience of fans from all over the globe via While the single will continue to be played live, it is not set for official release until the accompanying full-length album is complete, which is targeted for release in 2015. Jett is currently focusing on demo recordings for fan favorites "Paper Lion", "Pay No Mind", "This Adventure", and even "Melody" to serve as studio references for the upcoming album's recording sessions - the demo tracks are planned for a limited-time public release exclusively through this website in the coming months!

Additional Airplay
As the JP fan-base continues to grow, new radio stations become fans themselves. Jett Prescott's "Hot Air Balloon" can now be heard on SiriusXMU's Indie Rock station (channel 35), which you can hear now by clicking play at the bottom of this page. Tomorrow, "Put Me Down in Wine" is set to be featured on Siren 107.3 FM's "Sunday Girl" show in the UK alongside other major artists including Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and Miley Cyrus. Not in the UK? Tune in online here.

JP "one of the top 25 new artists of the year"

Music Connection Magazine has just published their year-end 36th anniversary issue this December, naming Jett Prescott one of the top 25 new original artists of the year based on their October music critique of the Jett Prescott EP!

→You can read the digital version of the issue ~by clicking here~

Gallery updates
The gallery has seen a major overhaul, so be sure to check out all the new live photos - also including some high-quality visibility into the studio and mastering process of the Jett Prescott EP! Keep an eye out on Twitter & Facebook for some never before seen footage from those sessions!

2 new songs, Pandora, MCM, & LA

New music is HERE!! (as well as some awesome updates) First, I'd like to share two new original songs with you - some of you newer subscribers may have already received them in your free download offer:

~Kneel Before the King
~Believe in Love

Both are powerful piano-driven rock pieces, recorded live at the Ritz with the band; you can listen to and download the MP3s for FREE by signing up ~here~ or on ~ReverbNation~

→ HD live footage of ~ Kneel Before the King ~ at the Ritz:**Courtesy A-Mazing productions**

Music Connection Magazine critiques Jett Prescott

This widely regarded LA & NYC based magazine has been informing the music industry and musicians around the world since 1977. In their October issue, the Jett Prescott EP was critiqued significantly higher than the average upcoming artist, indicating that Jett Prescott is truly one of the biggest upcoming acts of the year. Check out this excerpt:

"Melodic and engaging piano-centric singer/songwriter Jett Prescott, with his crafty, clever material and neo-Brit vocal vibe, will remind some of Elton John. The hooky "Put Me Down in Wine" showcases the artist's bold personality, songwriting skill and stately strings. "Where I Stand" builds drama adeptly and is his strongest vocally."

You can download the entire issue in PDF format at

Worldwide Rotation on Pandora Internet Radio

In case you didn't know, the Jett Prescott EP is live on Pandora for international listening - check it out now at! You can create a "Jett Prescott" station, or a station based on one of the tracks. Thanks for all the support that helped achieve this exposure! ~Try it out by clicking here~

On a closing note, I have just arrived in the beautiful Los Angeles, California and am lining up shows for the following year - for now I'll be putting all of my focus into recording my first full-length album!

ReverbNation features JP, #5 in LA

Thanks to the success of "Put Me Down in Wine", Jett Prescott has been selected to be featured on the homepage of music-powered social networking site ReverbNation for the first week of October! Jett Prescott has peaked at #5 in the Los Angeles rankings, and 27th globally on the singer/songwriter charts!

→ You can check out the music, press comments, fan interaction, videos, and everything Jett Prescott on my ~ReverbNation page here~

Of course, none of this would be possible without your support as fans, listeners, and sharers - so a very special shoutout to all of you, you know who you are!